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Educational tools in SL





Delivery of learning material




SLanguages Advanced Poster Display


Description: This is a board to display different kinds of media: texture, notecard, landmark, URL, video and audio.

Location: Contact Gavin Dudeney in Edunation II

Use: For a poster presentation. To include information about a content through different channels of communication.

This is the tool used for our display of tools.


Brochure Display


Description: allows you to load and display up to eight textures of your choice. When someone clicks on one of the pages it is projected behind the post on a 9 metre x 6 metre fullbright display beam and screen. When they click again, the display turns off.

Location: Buy for free at XStreetsl.com page. Created by Dudeney Ge

Uses: To introduce topics. To show that you are changing from one activity to another one. To illustrate concepts or instructions. To leave messages. I have also used it to play visual memory to review vocabulary with my students.


Image viewer (slide projector)(not free)


Description: Add your textures to the content area and use the arrows at the front bottom of the object to go back and forth.

Location: ICT Library

Uses: like any other slide projector


Free View Flat Screen TV (slide & video projector)


Description: Drag your textures to the content area and image will show in the order you placed them. It has the shape of a TV set. A pop-up menu will help you go back and forth.

Location: I got this for free in one of those goodie bags given all over SL. I think I got it at the School Store.

Uses: like any projector


Gavin`s Power Point projectors

PowerPoint Presenter V3.0 Triple Screen oPowerPoint Presenter V3.0 Single Screen

Description: ( 1 or 3 screens) . Input your own slides – move back and forward

Location: Free to copy from EduNation II

Uses: Show images, Incomplete sentences to fill in. Dialogues. Scrambled words or sentences. Visual memory game. Content presentations





Cubist Scarborough´s Action Point Board


Description: column with a Title to fill in, and numbers 1 -9. That everybody can read. Can be copied. What you write in the text chat shows in the column. For example: 1: Greetings

Location: Free to copy from EduNation II

Uses: Agenda for meetings. Instructions for activities. Show list of vocabulary or phrases, or even a short dialogue. Fill in the gaps in sentences or words. Scrambled words or sentences.


Starjunky´s Notecard Projector


Description: Displays a Notecard as hover text.

Location: Free to copy from raw>EduNation II

Uses: display notecards which can be changed on the spot


Le Board (not free)


Description: Blackboard that allows for 96 characters.  Users can be assigned by adding avatars´names to a notecard. Click on the board, and type your message in the chat box. Your message will be displayed immediately. The messages stay on the board until a new comment is entered. Comes in 3 colores:

- white background/black text

- black background/white text

- black background/yellow glow text

The board is moddable, which means you can resize it from the default size to really giant boards. There is another version which allows for more characters.

Location: Buy at SL ICT Library - Created by Candide LeMay

Uses: To emphasis instructions in a class. Write students´ oral comments, check spelling, leave messages for students, etc.


Message Board (not free)


Description: Create signs on 10 rows and 30 columns of characters for a total of up to 300 characters.  Signs can be resized to your preference and copied. Setting up the text is as simple as editing a notecard. Organized in pages, which can be changed: forward - backward. Font colors can be changed. Can be resized. Web-integration lets you change the text of your message board through a website so you don't have to be in-world to change it.  Allow others to change the text by sharing the channelId. 

There is a Large Message Board to list up to 1200 characters

Location:  Buy at SL ICT Library -

Uses: Post information about an event. Show class objectives. Instructions for class activities, etc.


Chat box by Jeffrey Gomez

Description: When you wear this tool it will display on your head like a conversation bubble. Write on the chat box what you want displayed.

Location: This box came in a freebie box gathered somewhere in SL. I have given you a copy.

Use: To give in a written form what you are saying.



SpeakEasy Notecard Reader

Description: Wear this hud. It will be located in the right upper corner of your screen. Click on it > Edit, and you will find a notecard "speakme" - Write what you want to say to your audience. Click on the hud to get each sentence copied to the local chat for your audience to read.

Location: Contact Gavin Dudeney in Edunation II or go to XStreetsl.com

Use: To complement an oral presentation with its written mode. Good when there are sound problems.


Cubist Scarborough´s Chat Hat


Description: Wear this tool. You will get a white cap on your head. Everything you say will appear above your head. The hat will display the last 10 things that you said. This text will stay over your head until you detach it.

Location: This Chat Hat is free to copy.

Get the latest version and other great stuff at Cubist Scarborough's Place

Uses: Ideal for guest speakers at busy, informal gatherings. Asking questions, practicing writing. Asking questions, checking spelling.


Xy Text Notecard reader


Description: Rez the object and drop the notecard with your content onto the object.

Location: I put a copy for you

Use: To show content from notecards: information, exercises, instructions, etc.





Give a Folder


Description: This object will deliver everything in its Inventory to the user when clicked. The items will end up in the user's inventory in a folder with the same name as this object.

Location:  Contact Dudeney Ge at Edunation II

Uses: Give folders to students, colleagues, audience to presentations


URL Opener

Description: Rez the object, click > edit, add the URLs in the notecard provided. Follow the format of the example given.

Location: I put a copy in the notecard

Use: To give different URLs with whatever content you have for your classes: web pages, videos, podcasts, wikis, blogs, etc.


Landmark  and notecard giver

Description: Object to provide a landmark and a notecard. Add the notecard and landmark in the content area of the object (Edit mode)

Location: I have given you a copy in the notecard

Use: Useful to send students to places and have information or instructions in the notecard. I use it for Scanvengers hunt activities.





Play a sound on touch


Description: Script to add to an object where you have added a recording. It will  play when somebody touches the object.

Location: I placed a copy for you.

Use: To add sounds to objects - learn vocabulary - pronunciation - Ask a question about object, etc.


Give content


Description: Add this script to an object (content area) and whatever you want to give away (notecars, objects, scripts)

Location: Copy given to you

Use: To give information, instructions to students, or whatever you would like to give to your students.



Vocabulary Teaching:




Description: Rez the object, click on it, and select the vocabulary items you would like to display. You can create your own list of words.

Location:  Contact Gavin Dudeney in Edunation II or go to XStreetsl.com

Use: To show list of words


Daf´s Calendar with sounds in Spanish

Description: Board with the months of the year, and their corresponding seasons in Spanish. Sounds play when each month is touched. It can be modified: add new textures and sounds (use "edit linked parts).

Location: contact me (I have placed a copy for you)

Uses: To teach the months of the year, seasons, days of the week and numbers up to 31 in Spanish


Alphabet Cubes


Description: Set of cubes with the whole alphabet. Letters in different colors. They can be moved around and copied for extra letters.

Location: Contact Carol Rainbow  - A copy has been added to the notecard.

Use: To have students create words or sentences - Cooperative work too.


Number board with sounds


Description: Board with numbers 1- 100, when you touch each sound you hear the sound with the number. 1-prim object. Can be modified.

Location: Contact Carol Rainbow -

Use: For students to learn how to pronounce the numbers from 1-100


Your Comments:


To give comments about our work, please go to this blog (Daf`s) or to Moira´s



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